Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Remastered Edition

Autor: Shiyozushi BAIXAR
Substitui: GTA San Andreas
Tipo do mod: Total Conversion
Descrição: Tenha um GTA San Andreas totalmente remasterizado com milhares de mods que torna o jogo muito mais realista e divertido! Esse projeto altera muita coisa no jogo, como gráficos, pedestres, jogabilidade, sons, animações, texturas, entre outras milhares de coisas. Concerteza vale baixar e desfrutar desse belo projeto! Ele tem 6GB, é um projeto meio pesado, confira os requisitos de sistema abaixo para ver se roda em seu computador!

Requisitos minimos:
OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 Ultimate / Microsoft® Windows® 10;
Processador: Intel Core i3;
Memória: 8 GB de RAM;
Gráficos: GeForce GTX 730 ti 2GB ou melhor;
Hard Drive: 10,5 GB de espaço livre no disco rígido;
Requisitos Recomendado:
Processador: Intel Core i5;
Memória: 16GB de RAM (quanto mais, melhor!);
Gráficos: GeForce GTX 780 ti 3GB (ou melhor);
Hard Drive: 10,5 GB de espaço livre no disco rígido;

Mods utilizados no projeto:
ASI loader 1.3 by SilentPL
CLEO 4.3 by Seemann
CLEO FPS Adjuster by gtaloconbest98
HD SA mod (High Resolutions Mod) by archerhercules786
Widescreen HOR+ Support v1.0.2 by Wesser
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Widescreen Fix by ThirteenAG
GInputSA 1.10 (360 controller) by Silent
Original Loadscreen HD by jamesclarke555
GTAIV Radio Hud by DK22Pac
Mod Loader by Link2012
Open Limit Adjuster v1.5.4 by LINK/2012(BMS) & ThirteenAG
SilentPatch v1.1 Build 24 by Silent
Mix Sets v2.2 by Junior_Djjr e comunidade GTA Forums
Overdose Effect 1.5 by Function-X-
Shadows Settings Extender 2.1.2 by DK22Pac
CJ 2015 v2.0 by DshGames
SRt3 Final by ParoXum
New vegetation 2013 by YourCreatedHell, kromvel, Black Hole, MagnuM, Tinrion
Project oblivion by kromvel ,Black Hole (grass only)
HD Road v3.0 by Tinrion
Grove Retex by Marty McFly
Skate Park with HDR Textures by will891410
HDR Factory Build Mipmapped by will891410
The mansion in the style of Scarface by CrowFX
HQ LS Hospital Mipmap 16x by will891410
The Hollywood Sign by deNULL
New fish (freshwater) by maks1997
New graffiti on the walls by GM-robot
Welcome to Las Vegas by Macces
New home CJ (New Cj house GLC prod v1.1) by Dock174
Shell Station LS by Balcer
New Shell gas station LV by Kolyan4ik_P
HQ Beaches v2.0 by __DoC__
Umbrella Corp. Gebäude by ICE COLD KILLA
The Imperial Palace LV by 8602Schmidt
The Imperial Palace von Innen by 8602Schmidt
WCC V1.0 LS by HTK
SevenEleven MOD Final by nelly
Westcoast Customs Mod Shop SF Richi_Ric
Real shop in Las Venturas by Curtis41
Playboy Mansion by buenavida33
Esso Gas Station (El Quebrados) by Matias Buks
HSBC in Los Angeles by buenavida33
The Los Angeles Police Department by IMW
Original HD Cell Phone by catfromnesbox
Original HD Peds Pack by vados, Mad Penguin, diego, AnRi, DshGames, Firefly
Real Traffic Fix v1.1.2 by Junior_Djjr
Gangsta Animation by Daniel Malca
SAAS – San Andreas Ambient Sounds by Pep Legal
3D Shell mod by Ryosuke
HD Prop Model 02 by Firefly
ENBSeries For Low PC v3.0 (SA:MP) by Makar_SmW86 + SA Beautiful Realistic Graphics 1.7 Final by M3Th3HD (Cleo/Colormod)

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